Picture your life

Working for some people

Who you thought were good people

Only for you to step out of it all

And realize you are way over your head for them


Behind these assignments they were giving you

To execute

Were the lives of several people ended or messed up

Including your very own

And those standing close to you

There is this one mission that changes everything for you

A young woman who was contracted to deliver a child for their system

You like her as time goes by

You grow to love each other

You take it upon yourself to ensure her story ends a different story

This rubs your superiors the wrong way

So, they come after you all….her, you and your baby girl, Hanna

You break them away successfully

She is killed in the events that unfold therein

You and Hanna get away into unknown lands…far away from it all

You raise this child as your very own

Teaching her everything you know, your way

Preparing her for that day which shall come soon

Loving her as your own flesh and blood

Technically, you have made a machine!!!

She cracks Father’s shell open

And makes her first attempt interacting with the world

That day you have been waiting for all these years finally comes

It’s been over 15 years now since you last saw your oppressors

They make the first attempt to find you!


You make the choice to counter-strike

Which you actually win

I mean, it’s your territory we are talking about here, right?

You know it better than anyone else

And that’s where Hanna comes in now

All the trainings, skills, memories, history

Come in play now

As you have returned in the modern man’s world

You have to make friends, re-establish contact with ones from your glorious days in the army

Time is not on your side, remember?

You must improvise!

And yeah, that’s how the cat-and-mouse games begun

Running all over the place

Trying to cover up the truth as somebody else works to uncover it

Aahhh….the lengths we will go when we find ourselves in a tight spot

~ I truly hope you enjoy this show ~