The Old Man is a show that you ordinarily expect to be this interesting.

But Dan Chase  has done true justice to it.

Here is why…


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Wikipedia has the best description for this brand new television show;


“Dan Chase absconded from the CIA and lives off the grid. When an assassin arrives and tries to take Chase out, the old operative learns that to ensure his future he now must reconcile his past. The FBI’s Harold Harper is called on to hunt him down because of his complicated past with the rogue fugitive.


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When Chase proves to be more difficult to apprehend than the authorities expected, a highly trained special ops contractor is sent to pursue him as well.

While on the run, Chase rents a room from Zoe McDonald, who draws on reserves she never knew she had to survive the day when she learns the truth about her new tenant”.


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I think that will speak for itself enough, for now.

What I can tell you, for sure, is that the old man Chase will not be quitting this life of “the cat chasing after the mouse” and the “dog chasing after the cat”!


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It is a very dangerous life, just like his daughter Angela always reminds him of

But, he has not any options set aside for him.


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Beware….The Old Man always has his two little four-legged friends with him.

Their names are Carol and Dave and they are very fierce warriors, protectors and excellent company to keep.

Nobody gets within an inch of Mzee without their consent!


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