My dear fellow worker,

What if we all withheld our labour?

Would not we halt the slave mill to a complete stop?


Photo credit: NBC News


My dear fellow worker,

We are asking for a better pay and better working conditions.

We are not asking for a trip to the Bahamas or Cape Town!


OTTAWA, ONTARIO – FEBRUARY 09: Hundreds of truck drivers and their supporters block the streets of downtown Ottawa as part of a convoy of protesters against COVID-19 mandates in Canada on February 09, 2022 in Ottawa, Ontario. The protesters, whose goals and demands have shifted as more conservative and right-wing groups become involved, are entering their 13th day of blockading the area around the Parliament building. Over 400 vehicles have now joined the convoy which has forced businesses to close and unnerved residents. A state of emergency has been called in Ottawa as police and local officials decide on how best to bring the event to an end. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)


We make these people all that money

And all we get in return from them is scorn, laughable wages, getting fired on the spot and endless threats for insubordination.

Is this why you and I leave our beds in the wee hours of the night to go to work?


Photo credit: The New York Times


If we all chose to withhold our labour,

Would we be listened to and respected as we ought to?

Would we be cherished as people that are actually important?


Photo credit: Middle East Eye


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