I will start with this question….

“Do you actually know where your loved ones get from the money to do whatever they do?”


Do you even care to know?


You might want to watch this show

Because Marty does remind you and me of this same question!

His family of 3

That is… Wendy, Charlotte and Jonah

Gets thrown in this whole mess

Of one man that took it upon himself to tell one lie after the other

About where he gets his money from!

He gets involved in a scheme of money laundering

In the beginning, he plays it safe with his colleagues…. moves money around from here to there

Much to the liking of the actual owners of the money

Till one of them decides to get “greedier”!

The whole arrangement goes wrong and soon enough,

The cartel comes collecting

Beating down doors and whoever comes standing right in front of them

These guys are a total no joke

To the point that the Byrdes’ relocate from their hometown of Chicago to Missouri!

What happens is that Marty makes a deal with them to spare his life and that of his family….


Talk of a rabbit running around the same booby-trap that almost killed it yesterday!

They accept the deal and soon enough, we have the whole entire family in it, too

This time around, though….there are so many people working for this one cartel

Ranging from Ruth to Rachael to Camino

All the way to Helen Pierce

In there, you will also meet the Snells’…..that is Jacob and Darlene!

These are something else, too!!!

If you love some drama and reality, this is your show….you will appreciate the Langmores’!

I want you to look out for how misogny, capitalism, racism and patriarchy leave us all doomed to hell

How lies always get us in trouble…no matter how small they are

And also, what it means to stand up for what you believe in, without flinching for a second.

I hope you love Ozark as I do”.