What starts out as an experiment…nothing big, really

Turns out to be the one thing that holds over half the world together in close communication!

One wonders why we just cannot seem to be more connected socially than we would have thought to be!


Photo credit: Harvard Business Review


What started out as simple commerce

Turned out to be mega-capitalism!

One wonders why they would put their mega profits before anything else…even including those who they know make them all this money!

Anti-Social Media, innit?


Photo credit: GWI Blog 


What started out as a platform for everybody to air out whatever they felt needed to be aired out?

Has turned out to be a ground where whoever blows the lid on what is “really going on” is ostracized and attacked ferociously!

One wonders if it just has not turned out to be “Anti-Social Media”!


Photo credit: Social Media HQ


Is it still social media?

Or is it now called “Anti-Social Media”?