Hanna: “What was the point of teaching me that? What was the point of teaching me any of it? What is this? What aren’t you telling me? What are these numbers?”

Daddy: “Let me see. Where did you find this? …..

Hanna: You tell me nothing.

Daddy: Ignore it. Listen to me, Hanna. She is lying to you

Hanna: “You train me like a machine and then you say I can do nothing. Why?”

Daddy: It is because you are what they want.

Hanna: “Why? Why do they want me?”

Daddy: “I will tell you soon. I am gonna take you to the most beautiful place and I will explain everything but first, I have to kill Marisa Wiegler”.

I extracted this information and tense dialogue from episode 3 of the pioneer season of Hanna, a Television series.


Have you watched it yet? No???

You should….like yesterday!

It’s one of those to watch out for in 2019 just like

Whiskey Cavalier and The Enemy Within.

Back to our discussion, have you been in this situation or one that is very similar to it?

The guns and shooting don’t necessarily have to be in the equation at all

Just training you and preparing you for the inevitable

Concept of Creative Ideas and Innovation. Bulb glowing inside human head with crumpled papers around.

Did it feel nice?

The grooming, gruesome training and manipulation

The suspense

How about the thrills?

I guess you kept wondering what this thing looked like

That you are being prepared for

To face with no mercy



So many opportunities came up for you to break the rules

And look beyond your wall

To greener pastures and have a taste of how it feels like

Home away from home



Finally, the moment you have trained for your whole life has come

To face-off with your tormentor(s)

In that moment, you felt like your future just became clearer than ever before

That unseen future…

Were you ready?


I am curious….