The Problem With War is that it is declared by a very few people

And so many other people get to suffer for it, for days and months and years to come!


Photo credit: The World Economic Forum


Yet, it can be solved so easily.

Matter of fact, it does not even have to happen.

It is not like we cannot talk out these pressing issues that have us kill one another, right?


Photo credit: The New York Times


Most of all, war is a horrific crime.

Particularly those who start it and keep sustaining it.

Personally, I have a problem with people that sustain war, hence making it a war machine that needs to keep running constantly or else…


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There is a country in the world that is preparing to splash over 770 Billion United States Dollars onto their military!

You read that figure right!!!


Photo credit: The Japan Times


Yet, their citizens do not have access to universal health care…not even their soldiers!

And their children in public school won’t be receiving meals anymore, from their school dues that they have paid!

Do you now see the problem with war?


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We really do not need to go to war!

War is unnecessary.


Photo credit: African Arguments


It destroys everything in it’s path and completely strips us of our humanity.

Nobody deserves to be killed and abused.


Photo credit: Human Rights Watch