Country Queen is a heart-warming television show about Akisa.

She left her hometown of Tsilanga 10 years ago for Nairobi over something, awful that happened.


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In the present day and age, she receives a phone call from home about the scary physical state her father Mwalimu is in and has to get back.

What she finds there will set the tone for the rest of her stay there.


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A mining company is actually ruining lives of everybody.

Vivienne is the head of this company and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants; even if it means having children on her payroll working tirelessly!

Her own husband Maxwell is not spared either from her wrath and she stops at nothing to get whatever she wants!


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They, Eco Rock are after gold that is in those lands and whichever plot of land bears even an ounce of it must be in their hands AT ALL COSTS!

Mwalimu happens to be the patriarch of his family and seemingly, the sole “defender” of the land rights of his community.

He is determined to see to it that this company leaves them and their lands alone!


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His death complicates everything, as so many people now want to sell their lands off to “Eco-Rock”….that includes his own brothers as well!

They are very ready to sell off the lands of the family without seeking the opinion of the rest of the family!


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On the other hand, there is Kyalo.

Kyalo has a past with Akisa that we will get to see unfold back to life.


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He also has his way of protesting against the activities of Eco-Rock where he mobilises his village against “them”.

Will that have dangerous consequences?

We will see about that, I guess.


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I am spilling too much now.

Allow me stop here and let you watch this show, on your Netflix.

I hope you enjoy the Country Queen as much as I did!


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