Q1. Are you a criminal?

Q2. What are you hiding?

Q3. Why are you hiding?

Q4. Are you okay with your business being seen by everybody?

I was triggered to write this piece

By an article, I read last week about events happening in Uganda as we speak

And my mind was taken back to reflecting about how much the system knows about you, me, and them….everybody!

And by the system, I mean….you know

The big Unwanted Witness…

Corporations, governments, individuals all collude

Take it upon them to watch our each and every move

All in the name of “protecting” us and “our property”

But when it gets down to asking the real questions, you wonder, “are they really doing what they said they are?”

Billions of money is “borrowed” ….at least, that’s what they call it

From who understands where…

To buy super-advanced “toys” and software

Meant for “looking into things” that no one is supposed to

Like our cellphones, our calendars, our online lives and activity, our family and friends

Now, I am hoping that you know your rights as far this space of your life is concerned, eeh

Something that has to do with authorizing them to look into your life has to be asked of you, without being coerced

Or tricked

Or otherwise

I don’t know if you have received any of that

I don’t know about you but I for one

Have never ever authorized any of this

And I am damn sure that as we speak, I am being monitored

That goes for you, too

Nobody is ever really that safe or special that they can’t be dug into

I want you to draw back to the very first set of questions which opened up this piece

Read each of them carefully

Do you see anything?

Criminal or not,

Guilty or not,

Friend or enemy,

Citizen or not,

Known or unknown….we all deserve some respect!

Security concept: pixelated words Privacy on digital background, 3d render

Where we are not walking with “targets on our back”

Where we can be asked for our permission for something without having to be harassed

Where we can be trusted to make decisions for ourselves as regards our privacy and safety

Where we can be free to live and co-exist with whoever we want in our space

Away from the ears and eyes of the unwanted witness