Written on a story-line that dates back to 2003, in Iraq, after the downfall of Saddam Hussein,

Inspector Muhsin al-Khafaji, in “Baghdad Central”, must make a very difficult pick between collaborating with the United States government on finding his elder daughter, Mrouj or….

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Remember, he was arrested by the American troops, tortured and later recruited by Frank Temple as a police officer!

So, you can imagine how this story goes….

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This is a story that is crafted out of a book written by Elliot Colla and is considered a British crime thrilling show!

With a number of players that I would love to introduce you to…

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Frank Temple, is one very mischievous man, I must say. He never says what he means. Neither does he mean what he says! Deal with him at your own risk of being fed to the rats in the basement!

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Zubeida Rashida is a Professor of Mrouj, at the university. For one reason or the other, she seems to have one hand in the forces fighting the foreigners and the other hand, in saving what’s left of her people!

Ep1. Clara Khoury stars as Zubeida Rashid.


Captain John Parodi is the soldier in-charge of protecting all Americans at the base, where so much of this story plays out. He is fairly reasonable and also, tough on dissidents.

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Zahra suffered the worst of fate when she is raped and beaten by men, who felt entitled to her body and her life. She suffers a similar fate to what Sawsan suffers! So cruel!!!

Ep2. Stars Maisa Abd Elhadi as Zahra Boustani.


Sawsan al-Khafaji is the younger sister of Mrouj and is largely used as a “bargaining chip”, for everybody with an interest in Baghdad Central. Rarely do we get an insightful glimpse into her life or story, as a girl or as a human being!

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Karl is our taxi driver, the whole time on the show. What drew him to the Khafajis’…I can’t tell! He could have simply treated them like any other client you drop off and get on with your life but no…he stayed around for bullets to start flying over his head!

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Omar is Professor Zubeida’s driver and bodyguard! Anything happens to the Professor, be sure that you will respond to him, fully!

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Megan Ford happens to be Frank Temple’s assistant…more like his eyes and ears! You need something from him or his desk, she best knows where it is!

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Douglas Evans happens to be the “fixer” of everything that is going on here! He knows everyone you might need or come across beginning with security to the food caterers! He has a nasty habit of getting his way, no matter what!


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Baghdad Central is a story about courage…

A story about love…

A story about taking back what’s yours…

A story about imperialism!

A story about a lot of suffering for everyone…

A story about the patriarchy!!!

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~I hope Baghdad Central touches your nerve! ~