It is said that nobody can stop reggae

It has always been said that nobody can stop reggae

I still don’t understand what they mean, when they say this!

All I know is that reggae is life!

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Someone once said that if you keep lying to other people about things you can’t do and aren’t qualified to do

The day will come when you will be trapped in your own web of lies

And that’s when you will know that nobody can stop reggae!



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Another person once said that they would stop all the juju, bhangi and the reggae that plays non-stop in the reggae capital of our homeland, if they were to re-elect him and his boss back in office

And everybody simply laughed at him, repeatedly saying that, “nobody can stop reggae….not even Bob Marley could do so!”

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Someone, very recently said that reggae is love, reggae is spirituality,

Reggae is life, reggae is unity, reggae is sweet, reggae is Africa,

Reggae is music, reggae is culture, reggae is soul, reggae is justice, reggae is a voice, reggae is peace

And then, you’re still wondering why nobody can stop reggae?

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Another person I really love listening to, said that he doesn’t know what they did to reggae to make them fight it all the time,

Then, they also don’t like it,

Everywhere they turn; they are exploiting it

But peace and love, the Rasta man still alive!

Can anybody stop reggae?

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Do you want to stop reggae?

Have you stopped reggae before?

What can we do about reggae?

Do you agree that nobody can stop reggae?

Psss… Do you think anybody has ever stopped reggae?