Going with the flow
Every function
Every detail that hits the sweet spot in the ear
Slow and full of life that’s free and “un-caged”
That’s something like reggae….the revolutionary sound
Photo credit: bestofreggae.bandcamp.com

The drums that sound in similar fashion
All over the world
The rhythmic chanting of the hook and chorus
The energy being felt in the rawness of the lyrics
Did I forget that this thing is so descriptive, on items that make up the sound?
Listen closely if you doubt me….
That’s also something like reggae…at least, it looks like it
Photo credit: headfirstbristol.co.uk

When many of us hear a sound of reggae
Or something that sounds like it or wants to
We are quickly drawn to the country called Jamaica and the Caribbean
Why that happens, even I ain’t sure, honestly!
But, am sure this makes it seem like reggae
Photo credit: everythingzany.com

No matter how new the sounds and beats of it sound
The originality will still be felt somewhere in between there
From the story behind the song to the after-release of the song, itself
Somebody doesn’t need to be a genius to figure it out that this is reggae or something close it, which might be called ragga!
Photo credit: jambase.com

Different languages make up this sound
Someone may say it’s a sibling-ting-dis
I may say that they are right
With multitudes of the fans cut across continents but maintaining the love for the same music
Photo credit: grenadagrenadines.com

Like it’s said, wine gets better with time
So, is reggae?
The longer one takes thinking about the idea, getting proactive about it, putting it on record and later releasing it
That’s what makes this thing stand out so much
You need some proof of that, look around for the Chronology and the Stony Hill!!!
Photo credit: billboard.com
Photo credit: twitter.com

I don’t know exactly why these works of pure magic of reggae stand out to me but I guess it’s all in the ears and the heart to stomach it all and enjoy the moment
It must be the year 2017 when I first listened to both lines of record and loved every inch of them
That I just can’t seem to stop listening to them right now
As I type this out, I’m listening to something from Chronixx
Photo credit: thetimes.co.uk

I love reggae….for it makes great sense to me!