Where are you now?
I’m at the road-side
Watching the cars go by with the people as well
And I just can’t help laughing and wonder what’s happening here
Photo credit: mapio.net

The traffic lights are saying one thing, the traffic authorities on the road at this particular time are saying something else and then, this long line of guys, all dressed in similar uniform comes cruising through and past everyone, at breakneck speed
Almost like the other people on the same road are invisible or something
You can’t help but look at what’s going on, in silence!
As the sirens blare, the engines are running hot and there’s dead-silence from everyone else
maxresdefault 4
Photo credit: youtube.com

A V.I.P is being taken away somewhere in commando-fashion
The windows are up, to the roof
Very tinted so, to the point that somebody that isn’t close enough can’t see what’s inside
The package has to be kept safe from harm and danger
Photo credit: nigeriapolicewatch.com

When you look at the other vehicles that are carrying the escorts of the V.I.P, you feel for them
Their guns are welded out, with a number of them keeping their fingers closer to the trigger more than ever
You might even think these big babies are polished and furnished on a daily
They never look old
The escorts are wearing this entire big boy’s gear which is kinda fancy to look at or even touch….ooohhhhh, only if we were allowed to touch!
Photo credit: videoblocks.com

Their faces look so boxed in, mean, ruthless and don’t wear any feeling on them
It’s more like looking at concrete in its volatile form
But even concrete has a way it smiles at you, once you’ve mixed and stirred it well with the other grains and water
Photo credit: carsguide.com.au

Signature way of moving about your life, right?

You either MAKE WAY or GET OUT OF MY WAY….