At one point in time, all we had were our limbs and brain

Then, a time came and tiny pieces of wood and shrubs and hoes were all we had for technology

A few of those items put together, we would be able to form an abacus.

Somewhere in between, multiplication and subtraction tables came in this mix

I am told tallies were in that mix, too of applied science

Then, somebody I don’t remember who, discovered oscillations

And that way, we learned how to tell time

Wall and street clocks and watches came in that mix, too

Sewing machines, compass directions, electricity, locks and bolts

Much more comfortable shoes, energy, automobiles, pangas and more were in that mix.

The Post Offices and Abeng horns and Ngalabi drums and diaries were great at a given time

Then, e-mail, radio and t.v came in, too

But the signals weren’t too good….so, satellites came into play now in this mix.

I hope you saw how gigantic, a hard-drive that had a storage capacity of 5MegaBytes, was

And how portable, a hard drive that has a storage capacity of 50TeraBytes, is

For people who heavily relied on paper and scrolls and pieces of rock and stone for filing anything that was written down.

Now, many of us have laptops and cell phones and the cloud at our quickest disposal

With the ability to do so much more than just count how much money we spent and brought in, the previous month

More than ever, we are Facebooking than we have ever done!

The rate at which we are inventing things is simply beyond us, some times

The number of things we are able to do, in an hour, are so many more than we ever were

Whatever we are not able to do at the moment, we strive so much to be able to….

I ask you….

~ Technology is advancing. Are you advancing? ~