Have you ever looked for something for so long

That you finally declared it “gone away”?

Or somebody…and you declared them “dead and gone”?

Well, that is this intriguing show for you….

Called “Absentia”.

FBI Agent Emily Burns goes missing, one day, for 6 years

Without a trace

From work or friends or even her own family

And is declared dead….with even somebody jailed for the rest of their life

Under the accusation that they made her “disappear”!

All the pieces start coming together when a body is found floating on a lake in the country-side

By a team of rowers.

On taking a closer look, this is another person but not their “Emily”.

Agent Nick, who happens to be Emily’s former husband since he has now re-married, receives a phone call deep in the night from somebody unknown to us

Informing him of how Emily is still alive and kept away “under water” somewhere in the woods!

She has “risen from the dead”, so he thinks.

And rushes to the scene….

True to the word on the phone conversation,

Emily is actually there

But she is in totally bad shape.

Her absentia is felt so much more than ever before!

Little did anyone know that she is going to be framed for the murder of the other young woman, whose body was found floating on the lake!

Imagine….for you to disappear one day and come back another, only to be framed for a crime you don’t even know about!

And not only that….as time goes by, so many bodies keep on “re-surfacing” and you are the number 1 suspect in their demises.

Madness! Thrilling madness! Exciting madness!

If there is a person that believes her and in her,

It is her father, Warren.

There is no mountain he won’t climb for her

No distance he won’t cover for her

Where she goes, he goes.

Jack is seemingly what you call, a “loose end” in this whole debacle

There is a period of 6 years that he cant account for….about the same time when Emily was captured

But at last, we just might get some good news, eh!

Now, when you lose all that time of your life,

So many things are bound to change

Like your own family begins “moving on” aka carrying on with their lives!

Absentia – Season 3 – Episode 302

Nick remarries this time around and marries Alice

She is my second-best character on the show, just so you know

She doesn’t take crap quietly

And won’t be crap around you, either.

Flynn is the son of Emily and Nick

Thing is, she didn’t get to know her mummy so well

She was captured when he was really small

But soon, they will hit it, like she wasn’t away, eh….

Hey, what do you think about Dr. Vega and Detective Gibbs?

Don’t they strike you as people who may be having something to hide?

Especially, Gibbs…..he looks quite flustered but steady at the same time?

How about you just watch it

And get to find out who really captured Emily

And who Emily really is or was?