For four years now

We are fighting these beasts

That is eating us and sucking our blood, too

And we have learned to do all this without hesitating!

These beasts are not what they used to be

They only came out in the dark or what we can call the night

But now, we have seen them come at us in the broad daylight

And in hundreds!

We are now taking turns watching out for them, attacking and cutting their heads off!

It has gotten to a point where we have to combine energies from all ends

And by that, I mean, the Van Helsings, the US Army and all the small armies we have created to protect us wherever we are, Doc and her sleek ways with chemistry, Julius, The Elders even….

We are either in on it together or not at all!

We had quite the peaceful lives

Everybody going on about their business and lives

Till that one day….when everything just changed!

We didn’t even know we were Van Helsings’ for that matter!

It all started with that one bite

Then, it spread on from there….

All the way to Denver where we were told that is a safe zone to go to for refuge

We were too late….thanks to Blacktech

We have lost our kids

Our wives and husbands

Our brothers and sisters

Our boyfriends and girlfriends

The lives we had built together

But like they say,

With sorrow comes a possibility for a fresh start

I mean….just look at what we have made for ourselves now

Our lives are being re-built, brick by brick

We are even meeting up with our distant relatives from the past

That we didn’t even know about

Our parents never got to tell us about some of these things

But yeah, we are working with what we have!

VAN HELSING — “Three Pages” Episode 412 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Inc./SYFY)

For many of us, we have gotten our second chance

We just can’t seem to die, some of us can’t turn back into these vampires, and others can’t seem to get away from their pasts

Some others are looking for payback for what was done to us, some are looking to take back that power that they gave away,

Everyone is having that something that they are looking for!

Lots of combat, gunfire and swords

Bloodsucking and killing

Love and hate, betrayal and loyalty

Movement and comfort

Rebellion and submission

~ What a show ~