I’ll get straight to it then….at least, the one I intend you to get to
Social media influencing or what can easily be termed as drawing of crowds and flow on social media
And more specifically, picto-fluencing
Or what can be simply called picture-influencing
 Exclusive - Serena Williams Shows Off Her Fit Bod and Poses For a Photo Shoot
Photo credit: justjared.com

It’s somewhat a thing today
With all kinds of people engaging in it
Across borders, institutions and practices
Since the world is now running on digital and social, literally
Many more people find themselves meeting errything they want to, in kinds of small texts or pics or videos or a concoction of all the three-in-one
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I want to introduce you to the concept of the pics, as a tool of influencing people to see what’s up with you
It can be you, a pro shot-sniper or an amateur just seeking the thrill of being behind something that could turn out to be something big
All you need is a good camera, access to specimens to shoot and of course, the breathing you!
You needn’t be working on something sooo important for you to take a picture and let the world know about it
Photo credit: techjaja.com

Look around you
What do you see?
Is it beautiful to you?
Is it worthy shooting?
Can you spare a moment or two, to shoot it, on digital?
Are you ready now?
Photo credit: lonelyplanet.com

Take that shot already!
Photo credit: securingtomorrow.mcafee.com

Do you have your gadget(s) ready now?
Is your connection to the rest of us on?
Is it working reliably for what you intend it to do?
Try loading it up to the connection you’ve established then
Possibly, add a few words or characters that you would love there
And then, click on that coloured button that will spring it unto our screens and into our ears
Photo credit: influencive.com

What do you see?
Do you like it?
You know, you can this again and again and again till no more, literally
Photo credit: theverge.com