Here’s something, that was shared with this computer, back in 2016…..

When God was creating man, He didn’t exactly create a white or black man. He simply created a man. Its only after man lived on earth, that he chose to take up these yardsticks of who gets to be called black or white!!!
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There’s one funny thing about all this: black or white, we all have red blood flowing through our bodies. The whole fuss about, who gets to be called or seen as black or white, has just never added up with me.
streaming blood cells
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I believe there was a strong reason as to why God instructed us, duly to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS WE LOVE OURSELVES, correct? When you love your neighbor, you wouldn’t wish or want anything bad to happen to them, right?
Then, why does your neighbor wish or want bad to happen to you? Something just isn’t adding up, I presume!
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Man’s problem has always been with PERCEPTION…am talking mental, auditory, taste, sight, tactile and emotional. The way we understand or see “things” is largely our biggest fireplace of misunderstandings in this world. I appreciate that we, all, aren’t the same but we can all come to a common ground about this issue of racism. Racism looks and sounds a joke to many global citizens but the realities behind it are beginning to set before our own eyes and world.
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Racism is a cancer of its own that roots from fear in one’s perception and understanding of the world around them. Education has actually offered a clear pathway to ending racism around the world but I guess, one can never have the opportunity of educating the heart, can they?
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I have a simple formula I use to make the world better and it is to love…love…love as much more as I can, with anyone that I come across. Frankly, this formula of mine has never failed me, for love can be intoxicating but “detoxification” from it can be pretty easy as well. I’ve grown up till today, not being physical with other people…as a matter of fact, I’ve only (turned out violent) fought once in my life, back in primary school, with Peter, who had spilt over my basin of water that I had just far-fetched from the tap. It was a one-punch-to-the-damage that got me thinking how I could positively utilise my energy in life.
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One would expect Peter and I to be sworn enemies today but surprisingly, we aren’t. That’s because of the hate-turned-to love mechanism and life that I took up till today. You know somebody very close to me, just told me that I am destined for greater things in life. Problem is, during the moment that this close person of mine told me this, I wasn’t thinking straight and ended up taking more of what I felt like. That’s when I began re-reading my Bible and that’s when I managed to figure out what the greatest commandment meant.
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Blinding, ill-motivating and non-rewarding is racism to human nature. Your neighbor on the bus is somebody of a different color but at that time, you’re faced with severe hemorrhage and the first aider has to be your “presumed enemy”: what would be your next course of action? Would you think it wise to accept bleeding to death? How about “decreeing” against getting help from anyone on the bus, assuming most of its occupants are those of the different race? Would your personality change with your course of action? Who else would be in support of your course of action?
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The lowest energies on earth are sadness and depression, do we agree on this? The highest energies on earth are joy and love, how many actually agree on this? You need to ask yourself this one question…when God was creating man, was He high on a low energy or a high energy? As you view your fellow human as a person of another colour, keep in mind these energies and what they carry with them. One of them is bound to bind you to a given form or way of living your life!!! I do certainly hope that’s the way you want to go in life (yours).
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#RacismIsSomethingWeLearn…… #NoOneIsBornRacist