When you are on the road driving, assume that everyone else on the road is dumb and not knowledgeable of what is happening!


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That is a statement I heard first from my brother before I enrolled into driving school.

When I joined driving school, it was said to me by one of the instructors and in the following days when I was under their tutorship, it made absolute sense.

Here is how.


I was always told that whenever a vehicle moves from one point to another, so many things and processes are happening in the hood.

We know some of these things without even having to check them out and we do not know many other things simply because we have not checked them out.


Caption here (Apophia Agiresaasi, GPJ Uganda)


When that vehicle comes to a halt, some of these things and processes may go unnoticed.

That is where the danger may lie.

Small screws may have gone lose, the water coolant top-cover may have gotten faulty, the ABS brake lines or the pump itself, may be leaking….


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All these are things that die away very silently over time and yet, they are so so crucial to the functioning of the vehicle!

I mean, picture yourself driving a car that just won’t brake, huh?


How can we identify and know their prevailing conditions before we drive off?

By opening up that hood to “Check What Is Under The Hood Of The Vehicle”!

That is the only way!


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Pull out that engine oil level stick and see for yourself how much oil your engine has in it at the moment and it’s texture.

Unfasten that lid on the water coolant and see for yourself the condition it’s in and also, how much coolant you got yourself, at the moment.

Uncover the power-steering can and see for yourself how much fluid you got in there; we wouldn’t want to drive a car that has it’s steering wheel almost immovable like it’s a huge rock!


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Check on the amount of water you got, for your wiper system. You just never know when you will need it.

Take a look at your tyres….do they look okay to go and are they making any hissing sounds?


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Please, Check What Is Under The Hood Of That Vehicle!

Before somebody else is called in to do that and he or she take away your money, which you could have saved?

Or, before you get somebody killed!