It is said the sound from the referee’s whistle is a final one, for all the players on pitch

So, why did this team get to have a penalty awarded to them

Right after the referee had blown the very last sound of his whistle, to show the match had come to an end, on his order?


  1. Was having this penalty taken, that important?
  2. Who was certain to benefit from having this penalty kick scored?
  3. In your own sound mind, how is this even right? Just how? How do you sleep at night, knowing that you crushed somebody’s wholesome effort to secure that win, for themselves?
  4. Do you know how traumatizing that can be, for certain people?
  5. Even if there are rules to follow, when did I agree to these rules? Who made these rules? Why did they make them?


~ Huh? ~


Photo credit: Newsweek