El Guapo is the name of the criminal that will be vehemently mentioned and pursued here

By a secret investigative unit of the National Police!

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Careful though….”the Guapo” is a pseudo-name for the face of the criminal that these narcos want to take the heat for them, at that particular time.

The “real” Guapo is hiding somewhere!

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Captain Amalia Ortega leads this “need-to-know small unit that is so determined to grab every last “narco” off the streets of Mexico.

This is a very dangerous mission, I must say….

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Because this squad goes up against people from within like Major Ernesto Vargas who don’t play games with his fellow comrades in the police force!

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Or what happens to Lupe, for that matter!

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Assistance comes in from other countries and security agencies

In the names of Gabriel Pedraza, who comes in from the Colombian Security Agency to help catch the Guapo.

Amalia’s presence grows his heart fonder for her, along the way.

He’s the best chance at catching the Guapo, in my opinion!

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Agent Bradley Jones joins this struggle from the CIA as their locally-based liaison on the case!

He fits just perfectly in this “band” of criminality and besides, will have your back, no matter what!

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General Alvaro Lopez is the overall mission commander of this mission and is one tough nut to crack on criminality, like this one.

He would rather take a bullet than let these narcos get away with it all.

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Lieutenant Paula Gaitan is Captain Amalia’s second-in-command.

An excellent intelligence officer, she penetrates the cartel but too bad for her, she gets to lose all those close to her, while in the struggle.

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Agent Rojas is the technology operative of this unit

Need to find anyone? He is your guy

And he is pretty discreet, too!


Agent Diaz is the final member of the unit you will need to know about

There is quite little we know of his past but we love his present

Very fearless, he will see the mission completed!

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When we say that the mission is very dangerous,

We mean that no family member is spared in this mess!

Take a good look at what happens toMarianabecause her older sister Amalia works to end the reign of the narcos, huh!

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Not even Matias is spared from this bloody game that adults are “playing”.

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He almost dies in this hard-fought battle simply of some grave mistakes his father, Jorge makes!

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This show was created, inspired by events that happened in the real lives of South Americans as a very notorious drug-lord was taken down!

There is no room for catching your breathe on this one….total non-stop action and running from justice, till it catches up with you!

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~ I hope you enjoy it! ~