I will begin off by saying this off my chest…

NBC, you should never had cancelled this show!

I mean, there was a lot to be offered to us beyond season 1

And also, I wanted so much to see how Jaz was rescued by her team because I know one thing for certain….they wouldn’t leave her behind…no matter what!

I felt robbed by you, NBC!

THE BRAVE — “The Seville Defection” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Mike Vogel as Captain Adam Dalton, Natacha Karam as Sergeant Jasmine “Jaz” Khan — (Photo by: Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

That said; here is why!

  1. So many veterans of the United States Army felt it was the show that connected with them the most. That has to mean something, right?
  2. It was the very first show I ever signed a Change pledge to retain it on screen. I have watched so many shows…I believe I will be clocking a hundred of them soon enough….wait, I think I am way past that estimate…but this show meant everything to me. That has to mean something too, right?
  3. Millions of us watched it and enjoyed it. Problem is, the algorithms didn’t capture us in it’s way. That also has to mean something, right?
  4. I loved the way this team solved it’s problems and executed it’s duties. They clearly showed that the tighter the team, the smaller it was, the more the trust between them and the better their executions got. They were truly brave!

You must know that this team was Spec-Ops….also commonly known as the Special Forces Operators or Special Operators

You know those bad-ass soldiers that you get to see in the movies and very few times in real-life

They are always sent in on those missions where all other options have failed basically but require something to be done

These are the kind of people you call for!

Any mission

Any country

Any time

All systems are a go with them!

I get very sad writing about this great show!

When you do get a shot at it, I hope you enjoy it!