May I…?
Shall I…?
Would you want to…?
Is it oookkkaaayyyyyy if I called….?
Is that fine with you…..?

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Those may look like they’re very tiny questions to ask
But they always make the difference in how we interact with other people
In our homes, where we work, where we go to learn from, around our friends and with them or even with complete strangers

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Just opening up your mouth to say them or any of them, out loud
Surely sets you a foot aside and apart from many of me and my type
Who strongly believe that you can’t give what you didn’t get
Hahaaaa… not even sure that phrase really makes sense, in this generation.

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I will try to put it in the terms I have crossed paths, all my life
Me: “Imagine if it were you being forced to do that, how would you feel, huh?”
My colleague: “Aaaahhhhhh…. Now, hear this one? You’re simply being a sissy, to ask for permission from a person of that nature. Just do the damn thing and let’s move on.”

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Me: Jambo Afande
Afande: Jambo
Me: Permission to carry on?
Afande: Carry on”

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For many of us, I wonder, is it because of what we have grown up seeing being done? By our parents, friends, peers? Or has it just been our way of choice to do things?
Is it because we don’t buy the idea of being nice to somebody for even just a second?
Is it because we are driven by our selfishness to simply get what we want, regardless of who gets hurt, along that journey?

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On many occasions, people are asked why they didn’t ask FIRST and all they can say is that they didn’t deem it important at all, to ask
Do you subscribe to this same school of thought?

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Are you the type that’s known for escaping from nowhere to anywhere?
Without letting anybody know about it?
Are you reputably known as the type that punches its way through people and past people?

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What usually happens, when you punch your way through to a board room, if I may ask?
Do you usually go Scot free with what you have done?
Do you get reprimanded for it?
Do you equally receive a punching, as a way of making you learn to say please without your fists?

  • Wouldn’t you love it if I walked up to you, asked you if you would love to be punched in the face and proceed to do so?

…… I’ll leave it at that.