How does it feel to have somebody drop a comment, at your “door-of-service”, having made use of the service that you rendered them?

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“An excellent and efficient way to send money. Real-time and way cheaper than other money transfer options. Totally using this again”.

  • Lynn Kirabo –

Feels good, right?
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It’s the festive season everywhere and it would be soooo good to show somebody that the work of their hands and sweat is really worth it….not just for the sake of being nice but because it actually makes the cut.

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Lynn, here, by what you read in her heart-fully received warm token of appreciation, must have put to use quite a number of money-remittance services before she decided to settle for this particular one.
Keen emphasis was made on the efficiency. That’s something that strikes many eyes and picks many minds. I will be forced to try it out, to enjoy the benefits of the efficiency of this service provided here. Many will definitely agree with me that they prefer something that actually works and is rather not, for the show of it.
“Way cheaper”….. strikes your eye, right? You might be wondering how much other service providers charge for just sending a couple of coins round the world! Did she spend a dollar, two, 5 cents or even wwwaaayyyy less than that? No one wants to spend 100 dollars sending money across the Kalahari and the Ice continent, is there? Outright robbery it would be, correct?

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So, next time as you seek out money transfer options, try taking a second to read out those little comments and feedback left behind by clients that have made use of these services…. It can be a bother, yes, since you’ve just come in strictly to send and receive money but you could make a life partner there.