I’ve listened to the Global Goals Cast so many times and I love all their episodes
But episode 3 has always stood out for me
For a number of reasons like these below
Photo credit: oneyoungworld.com

“The world is on the move and we are going to see more of that, in the near future”.
“The economic powerhouse that migrants are has become needs to be nourished”.
“I’m deeply concerned over the policies that some national leaders are taking at the moment, I think it’s very xenophobic, chauvinistic view of society and it’s causing damage to the world, in general”.
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Did you know that the clash against migrants and migration is a direct threat to the Sustainable Development Goals?
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Do you acknowledge that migrants are human beings like you, who just seek to have a much better tomorrow than they have been having lately? Free from “all the noise and clutter” existing where they have been?
FILE PHOTO: African migrants wait in line for the opening of the Population and Immigration Authority office in Bnei Brak
Photo credit: reuters.com

Do you know, for a fact that migrants world-over, contribute 10% to the global GDP aka Gross Domestic Product?
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Do you know that you can be more sympathetic and loving to them, just like these guys at this border town?
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Migrants are not here to take your jobs! Nnoooo…. They are the ultimate development agent that is producing much more jobs in the SME’s than you can imagine.
African migrants work at the construction site of a building in Algiers
Photo credit: reuters.com

I urge you to build new beginnings now, tomorrow and the other day, with the next migrant you meet.
Bring out that plate in the open, share that food
Lessen on the work-load existing in goal 1
And end up bagging the other 16 goals, eeehhh.
Most especially, goal 17!