Two events happen almost at the same time

One event happens on the HMS Vigil where a crewmember of this sub-marine mysteriously dies onboard this ship.

The other event happens on the surface of the same water


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That the HMS Vigil is patrolling….

A fishing boat, specifically going by it’s technical name, a “trawler”

Is literally sucked into the deep freezing waters by an enemy submarine going after the HMS Vigil! (In the end, we will surely have known who owns this enemy submarine)


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I would like you to take a moment to take all this in

And picture it all in your mind.

Because it gets very thrilling and interesting from here on out!


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Those two events I talked about earlier

Happen to pick the attention and curiosity of the authorities back in Scotland and in the United Kingdom.


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And by the authorities, I mean the Police, the British Security Service and the Mi5!

That is where Detectives Chief Inspector Amy Silva and Sergeant Kirsten Longacre come in, on Vigil.


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Inspector Amy is sent in, on the Vigil to fully investigate and report on what led to this mysterious death in Scotland’s territory.

(This made wonder what would have happened if the death had not occurred in Scotland’s territory!)


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Sergeant Kirsten is assigned this puzzling case on land and keeps on sharing information with Amy regularly that has come up.


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These two ladies’ work gets them in the cross-hairs of the Mi5 and the Royal Navy.

I assume that is because these two other institutions do not really want the police “in their business”! (Who does so, anyway?)

And yet, time is of the essence if we are speaking of delivering justice.


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This is where I want you to do your homework from and go watch the rest of the show!

If you happened to watch shows like Strike Backand Line Of Duty, I think you will enjoy HMS Vigil, too!

They are similar, more or less and will definitely looking forward to watching the next episode.