Hey, do you know that there is good hope and bad hope?

I must be joking, you have to be thinking to yourself?

No, I am not joking about this.


As a matter of fact, I am going to share what I think about “bad hope” more than “good hope”.

That is because I have heard all there is to hear about good hope that it took me so long to wonder, get to know and accept the other side of good hope; which is bad hope!


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Hope is a very interesting item to have in your bag

That you move with everywhere you go!

And at the same time, it can get really nagging, having it around.


It will not abandon you for a second; it will linger on in your mind

As you toss and turn from becoming hopeless, having failed at harnessing the good side of your hope!

And at the same time, hope can get you smiling from ear to ear as all your dreams get fulfilled in ways you had never imagined and hoped they would turn out!


Would you agree with me if I said that having hope can very well set you up for defeat and disappointment?

It is literally putting all your eggs in one basket “waiting” for them all to hatch like you want them to, without controlling some factors, as you, that could be responsible for the proper hatching of all those eggs!

We both know how bad that can get, right?


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Which gets me thinking that bad hope or failed hope can seriously stop us from preparing for the worst-case scenario.

All our minds will be solely focused on hoping for the best-case scenario, neglecting preparing our minds for what could go wrong!


Human hands with sand on them on cage bars.


I read somewhere once that “hope can be a tool of self-deception”!

Is this something you agree with?

Me as me, I agree with it so much.

A question like, “Is what you are hoping for make legitimate sense or does it just make you more gullible?” makes me agree with it.


Need I add anything more on my thoughts on bad hope?

I would certainly love to hear your thoughts on bad hope!