Whoever you are….you need to be known and seen, well enough
I don’t know…for some reason, I feel like I don’t really know you
I feel you immensely, though
You’re like that tax-collector that was talked about in the olden days; who never missed an opportunity to come and torment the masses, on their earnings
Always showing up during those unwanted moments of life, as people are celebrating and happy
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Guess what!!!
My boss inspired me to write about you
She always says that the time you show up in her life, happens to be her worst
For you make her so desperate to “run away from you”
All the pain that you cause her….she says she can’t wait for the moment she won’t have to endure it any more.
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Is it because you have something to do with body growth?
Where there’s some blood coming from my body, for a number of days?
And I get to “feel it all” in my tummy? The groaning, tossing and turning?
Must I stop being a girl, simply because of you? Oooohhhhhhh….
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I hope you don’t end me, with your throbbing and pounding
Because I got tons of things to do, yyyoooo!
I must go to soccer-practice today
I have to cook myself a nice breakfast…nobody will do that for me
I have to attend Cathy’s birthday party….it’s been a while, gosh!!!
Who’s going grocery-shopping? Me…
Who’s going to pick up Martina from school? Me….
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Seeeee….my life is no joke
Especially, not today!
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I love you, Cramps but we honestly gotta talk about our terms and conditions of existence.
I’ve had it up to here, with your torment and I know you’ve had it up to there, with my complaining and whining