Don’t you dare touch me
With those …..eeerrrrr….pickles of yours”


It’s not like I’ve touched the worst thing ever….c’mon”

“Jussss don’t….please
I just can’t deal”
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Have you ever been in this situation before?

What did you do about it?

Did you have your next meal, like business as usual or did you hesitate, just as you picked up that cutlery?
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How did your body respond to all that?

Do you consider pickle (hand) washing that important in your life? Like all the time or you can twist the rules a bit, to favour you in the moment?
Hand Germs
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I ask you all these because I’ve noticed a very interesting pattern over the years
Many young people, like I, simply take this task for granted like…. GRANTED
We don’t care to know what’s to lose, on the line if we carry on this way
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Some say that it’s time-wasting
“You’ve just washed your hands and then placed your hand(s) on something. You ask me to re-wash them? Hell to the NO!”
Others say that these things are soooo not them….
“Mmaaannnn….that whole thing of washing my pickles regularly is just not me. All my life, I’ve done things the military-way”.
You will hear others say that no matter how much you wash your hands, you won’t survive the wrath of the germs.
“We will all die someday. No one lives forever. So why then bother with washing my hands all the time?”
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Something is for sure….the germs that you laissez-fairely interact with, may not kill you in an instant
But they will mock you from the inside….that’s for sure
Feeling hungry
You want to eat that fruit
Remember that it’s not washed
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Next thing you know,
The tummy is rumbling….
You begin worrying and your dose of anxiety kicks in
In the long-run, your period may not happen that month
That erection may fail to turn up

We all know where this kind of story goes, right?