So, I landed on a tweet announcing a Twitter Space that was about to begin

The theme of this Space was about “Mental Health Breakdowns” and I felt attracted to it…to join…to listen in…and after a while, share my part if we are allowed to share.


This happened to be the second gathering of this kind of Space

As we all got to know…and by we, I mean those who missed the debut Space.

I really missed out on that particular one….because the content being discussed is the kind of stuff I like interacting with.


Photo credit: @amate_a


So, I bring forth this theme of discussion here;

What do you define as mental health breakdowns?

And how do you deal with yours…by that I mean, your mental health breakdowns or at least, cope with them?


I describe a mental health breakdown as a moment of excessive psychological distress or emotional disturbance.

Many “things” can bring about a mental health breakdown.

These may include the sudden death of a loved one, a sudden change in environment where you live, burnout at work from working very long periods without taking a leave of absence among other things.


Photo credit: Prime Progress


How do I deal with the things that may bring my mental health to breakdown?

I play reggae music; this music always has my heart and soul. Listening to it for about 10 to 30 minutes, I get to be much better.

I write; I do all my writing on my computer and once I open up my word-processing software, I just write whatever comes to my mind that my heart accepts to be written.

I take a walk; I love walking in places that are what you can call ghost towns…places that are quiet and away from busy and congested areas.


Are my coping methods always successful?

No, they are not….not all the time, anyway.


Can I recommend them to anybody?

Yes, I can…especially, the walking.

Walking is so good and besides, an hour of walking done per day will do wonders for your blood pressure and psyche.


I ask you again,

What are mental health breakdowns?

How do you deal with yours?