First things first,

Do you know how dreams are formed?

In a world that orders us to live our lives in a particular way,

Can we dream differently?


Photo credit: MindChamps


In a world where people knowingly and unknowingly destroy their lives,

Can we forge moving memories from earlier differently?


In a world where you are looked at and treated differently for wanting something no one else wants and chooses,

Can we fearlessly dream things in our ways?


In a world that is moving so fast,

Can we try to slow down, just to catch our breath?


Photo credit: Eric Carle Museum


Hey, what is wrong with me picturing a world of my own creation and fantasies?

What more wrong can happen, because of that?


Photo credit: Frontiers for Young Minds


It is costly to see, live and fare differently but hey we got to try it out, right?

Otherwise, we won’t be any different from those who came before us!