What does “falling in love” mean?

Like, really? What does it mean?

Photo credit: Woman’s Day


I will start….

To me, falling in love means a new start

To life, to how you see things, to meeting new things….to anything really!!!

Photo credit: Power Of Positivity


More personally,

Recently, I managed to re-connect with an old friend of mine

That I had last spoken to in ages

And it was exactly like falling in love


All the jitters in the stomach

The unrest surrounding how fast they will respond to my texts

Or if they will even open them up

This is exactly how it is, how it was and how it is going to be for you, at some point in your life


And when we started chatting,

It was like we never left, you know

We just got right into it

Of course, with apologies and very many questions about “what happened”.


I am glad to say falling in love is good

It feels this nice

And my friend and I have gotten back in touch!


Guess what….somebody “squealed”!


Tell me….how has falling in love, been for you?