You are so special

In your own way

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You are so special

To so many people


You are so special

In that every one has an opinion of you


I think you are that boogie man I have read about

That wears us out, as we wait to have our turn to travel through


Other times, I think you are that number of things going on in a particular way of communication…say on the Internet

In a given time

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Many times, we think of you in terms of buying and selling

Goods and services


Many other times, I see you for the way you are done

That is not acceptable in the hands of the law


Sometimes, you are as easy as pouring water from the jug to a cup!

You are a very simple noun

Even quite simpler, as a verb

In my opinion

The way I see it,

You can’t exist without our behaviour as human beings

What we do now determines what may become of us in the future

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If we do things right, now

Then, the amount of time we may make use of, just might be less for everyone


How about you send us a warning shout-out, every once in a while

Just so we know we are doing things right, huh?


The night is still very young

And there is a lot we can get done, in the shortest time possible

Now that so many of us are actually resting!

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See you tomorrow, traffic.