Last night,

I was on my Insight Timer meditating and listening to a particular talk.

This talk was an hour long and done by Dr. Diana Hill and her guest speaker, Dr. Cassie Holmes.

They were speaking about something that struck me, “more time doesn’t always equal more happiness”.


Photo credit: NPR


Dr. Cassie spoke of the calculations she made in her mind, concerning the coffee dates she has had with her daughter in the past, looking in the future to how many they still have got before everyone is pulled apart in many directions by the busy world we live in.

She said she’s very terrified of these calculations and now treasures so much these coffee dates with her baby.

I realized that “you do not have much time”!


Photo credit: Baby Chick


Let me shed some light….

Do you remember those times you probably shared with your loved ones like your parents, back in the day?

Things as small as taking walks together, eating ice cream, cooking together?

And now as the years went by, you literally don’t do these things anymore.


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You have grown up.

You have probably moved out of home or the neighbourhood or even the state.

You have different goals you are chasing after in life now

Could it be that you took these small things for granted and always assumed that you always had time to do these things?


Photo credit: Parents


The world we live in is getting busier for all of us.

It’s a never-ending rat’s chase and we are slowly cutting out the time we formerly allocated to the special moments in our lives, for money and career!

We are so busy that we must program our times and moments of rest.

Sitting at the dinner table as a group that we are, is proving to be so hard!

At this moment, you realise that you do not have much time!


Photo credit: WellTuned by BCBST


I ask you.

Are you ready to make the time or do you just not have the time, to create the time for the truly important stuff?