Are you commemorating women’s history this month?

Or is it just something you celebrate in the first three months of the calendar year only?

Here, I have been thinking about women all the time.

One particular name has been coming back again and again; Marielle Franco.

Have you heard of her?


Photo credit: Believe Earth


I have been planning to write something warm, lengthy, memorable about this legend, Marielle Franco since Sunday.

But I have failed to.

That is because I do not even know where to start or to end.

Everything about her till the point when she was murdered in 2018 is worth studying extensively – we are talking months.


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I ask this of you;

Do read about Marielle Franco.

Ask someone about her.


Photo credit: Estadao Expresso


Write down something memorable about her, here or anywhere else.

We have to keep her memory alive!