Which is it, for you?
What of the two, “looks like you”?

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Volume, you’re basically occupying space just like any other thing would, correct?
Whereas with value, you become more dear to the world, either in terms of finance or character

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If I may ask, is it possible for you to add both value and volume to this world, in general?
Or is it that you only get to lie at one end of the rope?

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When you step into your house, does it embrace you with open arms and lovingly
Or does it cry trespass to whoever can care to hear?
How about when you get to work? How’s it there?
Is your productivity for the company missed for every second you’re absent, even when go to take a leak?
Your friends…do they complain of your parasitism to the point that they just can’t wait for those moments when they are away from you?
Or do they keep on coming back to you, for more guidance, affection and most of all, wise counsel?

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With the way things are going, many more people are dropping all those people, things, lifestyles that don’t add value to their lives
For one simple reason…
They’re looking for ways to add value to them
For the human eye loves anything that looks really valuable and rather not, “volumeable”

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At the end of the day, it’s your choice to either add value or volume to this world…NEVER FORGET THAT.