Ps. The events that led to this blog post being created are real…they took place so close to the heart and still hurt! They started with “that one phone call….”


We are in the car, heading to town, to work

Suddenly, the phone rings and the voice on the other side

Tells us, on this side, that we have a problem!

(hearts are now thumping in the chests!!!)

– End of first phone call. –

Photo credit: ntemid

Taking the last corner around the block to work,

Another call comes in, from the same person!!!

They say that somebody close to us, is very sick

And an ambulance has been called to evacuate them to the hospital

And also, somebody should be sent to take care of the incoming sick person!

  • End of second phone call. –

Now, we are finally at our desks at work

But deep down, I feel it in my heart that something just might go amiss!!!

I’m called to assist out sending transport money to the other person we talked about…the one meant to go and be the bedside and call of the incoming sick person, which I do.

It is now that I notice something I am very familiar with…and the end result of this, isn’t usually very good!!!

The head of somebody very close to me, is clasped together in their palms and they look very worried!!!

I take my seat, to have my breakfast…

No sooner had I sat down taking my sip of chai and bread than I heard a bellow out saying, “our incoming sick person has just died”!!!

In that moment, I froze!!!

I literally remained holding my bread in my right arm and the cup of chai in my left arm!!!

The shock hadn’t fully set in yet…and so, I was on my feet now, going towards the person that made that revelation…to try and ascertain if what I heard was actually what happened!!!

Why did I write about all this?

And with a particular focus, on that one particular phone call, to be exact?

It’s because of that particular ringtone of the phone that I kept on hearing throughout that day and week!

It got registered in my head as a sound of alarm…whether anything is the trouble or not!

Whenever the phone rings and I hear that sound, my mind keeps on being taken back to that day, when all the above happened…

That’s the power of sound, in this instance, from that one phone call!!!

Whether this will ever stop, I can’t really tell…

Whether I’ll ever stop thinking about that day and moment, I can’t really tell…

Whether I am still traumatized or not, I am sure I am…