Question…. Is Uganda still HIViral today?

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You probably wondering if you’ve seen that word, “HIViral” somewhere, right?
Probably not…
It’s a word I’ve created from my own mouth and just now, as I write this.

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So, it seems that we, in Uganda are still viral, as far as HIV stands
With many of us, refusing to disclose our status to our honeys
Stubbornly refusing to condomize, even when we know that these are dangerous days to be HIV+ and pregnant, as well.
With many of us, still doing drugs by injections
With millions of us not having had those talks to do with things of “ebyenshoonyi” or plainly said, “Sex talks”
As well as, having many of us taking the high road of confidence in ourselves and not minding the red lights.

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Have we commercialized our lives so much these days, to the point that all we think of is how much money we will need to take this virus away from us?
I mean…it’s on every mouth you see and come into contact with…all they mention is money for this, that and those….

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I think we dropped the whole thing of talking to our inner selves.
Look at our 15 year old girls and boys as well as our Jjaajas of 50, in our communities and back home.
They’re viraling so much, one of these days, with the numbers not about to go down, as of yet

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For the sake of keeping some sanity in this writing, I beg not to include these scary numbers…feel free to do so…
Perhaps, it will awaken the urge in you, to do something very drastic and revolutionary about the HIVnet
Otherwise, we need to take down this viralism in us today and see more –ves than +ves.
I pray I’ve made some sense.

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