I hate spanking

I hate seeing someone being spanked

Or even an animal, for that matter…

I wonder why we spank one another!

I don’t know about you

But all my time in primary school, I grew up being spanked and watching so many other people getting spanked

It terrorized me completely

To the point of shivering as if I have an episode of severe malaria

I wonder why we spank one another!

Back at home,

I witnessed so many people being spanked

From my peers (both girls and boys) to women and men to the elderly

By this time, I had grown “used” to such a sight

I couldn’t fully and logically express myself and what I thought about spanking….all I knew was that it is not good and it shouldn’t happen

I wonder why we spank one another!

I am 28 years old now

And I still seeing the same thing happening

Now, I am much more conscious and aware of what is going on than I ever was

And the mere sight of it simply puzzles me and leaves me with so many questions

I wonder why we are still spanking one another!

Just last week, I spoke with somebody that I have grown very close to

And she intimately shared with me what she thinks about spanking

More questions came up in my head, from her responses.

I wonder why we are still spanking one another!

Question 1: What is your opinion on spanking aka “caining”?

Her response: It’s bad. The more they cained us, the more we became harder. The more the teacher increases the number of cains administered to you, the more you would get used. This caining wedges a gap between you and the teacher. There is a teacher who cained me once and till now, we don’t have that connection. It doesn’t help. You causing pain to me won’t help me. Students will develop this, “I-don’t-care attitude” just to do things meant to hurt the teacher.

I wonder why we are still spanking one another!


Question 2: Do you think it leaves a mark on us, as we grow older?

Her response: Caining does, emotionally, leave a mark. That is because you will look back through the pages of your history and you will see that this person didn’t want to understand you…didn’t want to listen to you or communicate to you; they just wanted to cause pain to you. The pain may disappear but the scar is always there. Most of the time, we are even punished for things we don’t have control over. Like, at school, when you are walking around from class to go to the restrooms, the teacher may find you and cain you. Yet, you may be experiencing pain and you had to go examine yourself first.

I wonder why we are still spanking one another!


Question 3: Are there any other forms of punishment or reprimand that you know of? Or that you would rather be administered to you, than spanking?

Her response: In my school, when you are sent to the administration, that means “suspension” or “expulsion”, so you would rather be cained. Cains will pass but a suspension will not. Then, other forms of punishment, there is cutting off of hair when you do something wrong; which is something very bad. Then, there is the cutting of grass with a nail cutter, standing in the compound for the whole day, walking without shoes, an internal suspension where you become part of the school’s labour force, wearing of a different uniform from that of your classmates or peers, individual isolation and segregation from the rest of the school among others.


I wonder why we are still spanking one another!


Now, remember that part about expulsions and suspensions, if you choose to take up that option, it is penned down on your report card!


I wonder; why are we still spanking one another?


Question 4: So, should we dismantle and abolish the whole spanking thing?

Her response: Yes.

I wonder why we are still spanking one another!


Now, this is just one person I had an intimate talk with about spanking. There is over 5 billion people to talk to about this.

Imagine what they think about this whole thing!


My thoughts….spanking is not needed, wanted or required. It should never have existed in the first place.

As a black person, I have been beaten, brutalized and bruised enough already

The slave driver did that “job” so well to the point that so many of the people I live with now, don’t even know the damage it does to people

Remember those 400 Years and countingthat I mentioned of, earlier?

Spanking was so much a part of them.

Now, I really wonder why we are still spanking one another!

Are you familiar with the term, “trauma bonding”?

And how it is connected to spanking and domestic violence?


Do some reading today!

There is over 2,000 published articles on that alone, waiting for you to feast on, yeah!

~ Do us all a favour and drop that cain now; you don’t really need it! ~