I am told that love in the summer will always be around?

Also, I am told that summer is the “best time of the year”.

Personally, I have never experienced summer

That is because every day here is “summer” and I think that is why relate so much with Netflix’s show called Summertime.

It is based in a place I can’t exactly tell

But I love it here…so bright and full of colour

The energy here, keeps you coming for more like Sophie does

And hoping for more like Darrio

For some people like Summer and her mother, …..

It’s a nightmare, if I may call it that

So many things happen for them….and now, they are both working the summer

It simply gets very hectic!

For some other people like Edo, everyday is an adventure of it’s own

With so much to look up to whilst keeping what you love close to you.

Alessandro and those like him use this particular time to introspect more and finally assert themselves on what they want their lives to become

Which always keeps them in the cross-hairs of trouble, you know!

Some people are falling in

Other people are falling out

Some people are creating

Other people are destroying

A lot is going on in here….that you will surely want to watch out for!

~ Enjoy ~