Before last year, I had last taken a walk in the evening in 2015!

Why that happened….even I cannot tell exactly!

I missed being still and feeling all those sunsets.



It had to take me a major lifestyle change and adaptation

To return to my olden ways of walking in the evening.

I usually clear my head that way…as I play some reggae music.

Besides, I get to see who my neighbours are.

This time around, I could not believe I had that many neighbours…I even wondered when they all settled in the yard!

I was that absent-minded, when all this happened!


That feeling of warmth I get on my skin, when the setting sun shines at me

Is one I cannot trade for anything in the world now.

It is something so intimate that only the setting sun and I get to bask ourselves in and enjoy!


At times, I look back at my life and think to myself,

“Did I really trade this for money”?

Since I was working so many jobs at the same time and never gave myself ample time to walk around or sleep or play.

I should never missed out on our intimate moments, dearest sunsets.


I can literally be walking with my back against the setting sun

And in a second, I feel the warm sensation on my skin.

That alone forces me to stop and look back at my dearest.

That is when I will stand in one place and simply look at you going down, getting warmer as that happens and beam with a smile on my.


Photo credit: Hands Of Love USA


For every evening that goes by,

I really look forward to tomorrow’s evening time

When I get a glimpse and feel of the setting sun on my body.

In that place of ours where it is all quiet and no one is pushing against one another for a way through.

See you tomorrow, sunsets!