Yyyyooooooo….I had to write this television series review about The Terminal List yesterday

But the electricity service providers had other plans for me.

Power didn’t return in time for me to do so.

I will drop a few hints here; I trust that you will fill in the rest for yourself!


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To begin with, this television show is a 2022 release….that means you are watching new stuff, if you are watching this.

Secondly, it’s a brilliant thriller series.


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Why is it brilliant?

To me, having actual former Service members that served as Navy Seals on this series made it more real about the experiences they live with.


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Let me add some light, shared by IMDb on it


“A former Navy SEAL officer investigates why his entire platoon was ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission.”


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That former NAVY SEAL officer being talked about is Lieutenant Commander James Reece 

He and his platoon were sent on a high-stakes mission in Syria to kill a powerful terrorist, not knowing that they were a target too, of this mission.

A target of their own government!


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You will get to see a very different Reece from the moment his wife and daughter are brutally murdered.

I have not watched episode 8 yet but I am sure he will not be sparing anyone…no matter who!


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I wish you all the best, watching The Terminal List.

Remember, violence is not needed.

All we need to do is, “Lower our voices and strengthen our arguments”.