This morning, I was on YouTube looking at one of my favourite pair of black people of the moment, Nelly and Ashanti.

There is a song they sung with Akon back in 2008 that I love so much called “Body On Me“.


Photo credit: YouTube


Usually as tracks play on YouTube,

I enjoy reading the comments that various viewers leave on the channels.

One comment stuck with me and it is,

“We don’t look for songs. We look for the memories they carry”. 


Come to think of it; how true is this statement?

I first listened to this song I believe in 2008 and loved it instantly.

That song is simply refreshing to me and it is what it reminds me of;

It reminds me of the good times back in college where we simply vibed with the music, as it came.


Besides that, things were much easier then.

The internet was still a maze to so many people and yet,

we somehow managed to get what we wanted from it.

The friendships we made then, have lasted longer than what we have, in the present day.


Photo credit: Reddit


I ask you now,

Is there a particular music track or video that keeps you coming back to YouTube like me?

Are you the type that doesn’t look for songs but only looks for the memories they carry?