In your wildest imagination,

Do you think it’s possible for grief to join 2 people that love(d) the same person?

That’s a question “The Pier” responds to, in a very unique way.


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Alejandra is married to Oscar for 15 years.

It is later revealed after his death of his not-so-straight life.


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Oscar had a whole family, with Veronica outside of the known one with Alejandra.

Oscar and Veronica have a daughter together named Sol.


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Alejandra decides to get closer to Veronica to find out why Oscar lied to her like that.

No sooner does she begin on this journey than she discovers there is more to the story.


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Just as they say about proximity bringing people together,

These two women later on fall in love!


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Here is my small assignment for you…

I would like you to find out for yourself how Oscar was able to sustain these two families.

And secondly, why he didn’t want a child with Alejandra, in the first place.


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~ Have a pleasant stay at The Pier! ~