About 2 weeks back, somewhere in Kampala
I was attending this training with a number of colleagues from the world of journalism
And then, one of us raised this point of the waste or if you want to call it garbage, please feel free to do so

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He used the example of urine, that we all push outta our systems
With a basic example of estimating that Kampala has close to 3 million inhabitants, everybody should be able to let out at least half a litre of urine, a day…right?
Am looking at 1,500,000 litres of urine, per day, in the very least…which numbers could even shoot up to 5 possibly 7 million litres of urine, DAILY…

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That was the math’s on paper…how about the math’s on ground or in the field?
Assuming you decide to be a URINE-RETAILER…. Or even, a wholesaler….
Who would you be your primary customers and consumers of your product?

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Would it be farmers, institutions, science labs, manufacturing plants?
Or nobody at all?
Hell yeah…the government sounds about right, doesn’t it?
At what price would you be transacting? I’ll leave that to you…
I mean, a little more money has never hurt anybody, has it?

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Look around you…there’s so much everywhere….i mean, our oceans are having a battle of sorts between the trash at the bottom and the fish living there…
The space is growing smaller everywhere but how are you going to exploit that window to make room for another day, human being, some money and sustainable living?

Atlantic Ocean Junk
Photo credit: nbcnews.com

Remember, the world is full of us and we are disposing off much more rubbish than we used to, back in the day… think outside the boardroom and deeper into our minds.