Dear “journalist without a newsroom”,


Please be careful with the information you are spreading out there. Misinformation is pure trouble. It can cause an entire war of words, war between people and a war between those living in close and far boundaries.


Photo credit: International Journalists’ Network


Report on what has actually happened before your eyes and ears only, if you would. We do not want any more reported speech!

It will be so nice if we see more of those “open quotes” marks in your reporting; we do not see any more of them, these days.

For “misinformation is pure trouble”


Here is an example to try out;

Form a circle,

Turn to your neighbour and say something to them, in a low tone.

Then, ask your neighbour to say to the person next to them, what you said to them, in that whisper.


Photo credit: Penn State


Let them also pass on the message to the person next to them till the circle comes back to you.

In the end, let everybody say out loud what they were told by the person next to them!

I am waiting to hear your answers!


Reported speech is always broken down into misinformation and that always becomes pure trouble.


Thank you in advance,

Yours truly, a concerned consumer of your “news”!