Have you ever thought of and bothered to find out how much it will cost to have your arm in a plaster-of-Paris?

Or to have your entire covered up in metal bars and screws?

For something, you could have avoided like letting somebody completely sober drive or ride you to wherever you wanted to go?


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In Uganda, in the year 2009,

There is a study that was done speaking about the average cost of treating one injured boda boda cyclist in Mulago Hospital

And the figure that was settled at was 369 US Dollars!

If you are reading this and you do not have an idea what a “boda boda” is, I will explain.


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A boda boda is a motor bicycle usually riden around as a means of transport.

It serves the same purpose as the famous “Tuk Tuk” motor tricycle with the only difference being that the former operates on two tyres.

A little time spent watching some videos online about how dangerous it is to use a boda boda will bring out the picture best!


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So many Ugandans do not even make a half of that, in amount of savings.

Now, to tell one that it will cost them twice that in treating them for road crash or accident injuries sustained is simply unsought of!

We both know how expensive medical care is, right?


Caption here (Nakisanze Segawa, GPJ Uganda)


So, before you get behind that steering wheel or rider’s control set

Ask yourself this, “how much will it cost me if something awful happens to me or to any other person on the road?”


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Will I be able to take charge and responsibility of the financial implications of injuring somebody for life?

Do I have “enough” (if this is even a real thing anyway) saved away to look after myself if I get disfigured for life, because of my own doing?


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~ How much will it cost you?! ~