“At 50, you ought to be at your home, with your family only, as you retire away”
“You man, you are not serious….aren’t you supposed to be driving that Mercedes slowly and not that hurriedly?”
“You are my one and only”.
“You are the best employee we’ve had in a long time. Firing you is impossible”.
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That’s just a quick sample that could come off head, in a jiffy
Of the things that have embedded in our minds, by our fellow people
As dreams we should have all the time

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Wouldn’t you call this selling you a dream?
To you, it may be very okay to do so
And sooo not okay, to another person
This is where I ask if this particular dream or dreams sold to us, have such a high price to be paid for them
And one, that can’t wait to be cleared with our debtors

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On many occasions, I see many of us rushing into things
Most times, without stopping to clearly think things through
At times, we do think about these things through but what the hell, we trash aside our thoughts
And keep going on in dream-land
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Come the time of asking our sales personnel
Many of them turn out to be disappointing with their job
They sell false hopes, imaginations, dreams, and visions to other people who have entrusted them with their hearts and minds
Making up all kind of excuses like, “I didn’t know what I was saying at the time”, “I guess I have a mistake”…..

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Is it just our desperation that they prey on and use to trap us in their palms?
Is it our willingness to follow the excitement wherever it goes?
Is it our choice to defy all odds to see to it that we make it to the top of things?


I honestly can’t wrap my finger around this

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As I write this, I’ll tell you that I ain’t got beef with you selling me a dream
For it doesn’t distract me necessarily from what I set out to achieve by the end of the day
No matter how much you laugh at me or mock me or make fun of me
I got my eyes and sights on the biggest prize, in the land
And taking up the bronze medal is simply unacceptable to me!

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Anything short of that, I can’t and won’t buy that dream!