I don’t know about you but I long to be like the President.

The President is always moved around and protected by an army of people.

They don’t get to use the streets like we do and most certainly, they don’t suffer from road carnage because their entire path is cleared out for them!

Now, the rest of us get to live with the dangerous risk of walking the streets where we meet all kinds of drivers and riders under the influence of alcohol!


Photo credit: Daily Monitor


If you have never sat in public transport before, that has the rider or driver intoxicated with alcohol, consider yourself lucky!

It is a very frightening moment when they reveal to you that they are actually intoxicated.

Some of them take it to the extreme by actually drinking alcohol as they are driving or riding you!


Caption here (Edna Namara, GPJ Uganda)


If you have had the unfortunate honour of watching someone being crushed to their death by an 18-wheeler, I commiserate with you.

It is often said that many of the drivers of these trucks consume a lot of drugs most notably alcohol.

In countries and communities where there’s nothing like MADD, we are entirely on our own!


Photo credit: WSVN


You are literally one boda-boda crash away from permanent disability.

You are literally one car crash away from your death.

You are literally one crash injury away from bankruptcy.


Photo credit: Daily Monitor


Remember, for all the drugs that there are in the world today,

Alcohol is the most common and most easily accessible.

Some countries require an actual ID to get even a pint of alcohol whereas others don’t even ask for anything.


Photo credit: ID Scanners


When we meet on the road,

We are all human beings, with aspirations and dreams and where we want to be in the next hour.

If we don’t drop the ignition key to someone sober to drive and ride us around,

Road carnage from use is for us all, surely!