We got wind of word, a few days ago, that our prison is going to be moved elsewhere to pave way for construction of a hotel and luxury complex!

That was good news in my ears, truth be told.

I’ll be sharing with you why I consider this to be good news!


Photo credit: GOV.UK


For a long time,

We have been told that the prison has been over-crowded and it’s inner facilities were way outdated for a prison of modern times.

Could this be the time we get to see a prison, built to the times, and demands of this day?


Photo credit: BBC


We are told a better prison ought to be one where one doesn’t feel like their suffocated!

Learning and educational facilities would be nice, in there.

Recreational facilities will also be very good for us.


Photo credit: Russell Webster


Also, could we make use of these smart and intelligent devices in reducing the likelihood of recidivism, of our people, while they are still in there?

We surely have to stop our people from thrown back in there, just as they’ve been let out!

There is so much more to this life than spending our days and years behind bars!


My humble request to you, that sits on the justice and review committees of this country is,

“Can we build a better jail-houses”, given all this knowledge we have on our hands from the past and what we have at the moment?